Bringing the Industrial Catalog into the 21st Century

You are probably reading this because you, like many others, either want to BUY or SELL Industrial supplies. And if you're like us, you've found that there's just no good way to do that without complicated systems, lots of manual work, or high 3rd party commissions.

Lutello is the first B2B marketplace for Industrial Supplies, connecting Buyers and Sellers like you in the most efficient and transparent way possible.

Who is Lutello for?
Buyers who are frustrated with either writing Purchase Orders or poor user experiences through any number of websites.
Shop or Maintenance Supervisors who just want to focus on production and don't have time or resources to hire a purchasing team. 
Manufacturers who want to get closer to their customers, offer new products, and quickly receive more feedback
Wholesalers who want to grow their sales and expand their markets.

Basically... Lutello is for YOU! 


Find the right parts, MAterial, and suppliers

We've all been there. You need some material (or a part) that you don't have in stock and you need it... yesterday. You call and send e-mails to all your typical suppliers to see what you can find, and then you wait and hope for some luck. With Lutello, speed and accuracy are your advantage. 

Our goal is to provide you an experience you deserve: Quickly comparing suppliers for the same items, finding local sources, seeing in-stock availability, and much more.


Grow your business quickly online

The world is getting smaller and you need a place to compete against large, established companies without compromising what makes your company unique.

Lutello provides everything you need to be successful: Online Hosting, Payment Processing, Sales Tax Calculations, and Customers. All you do is provide part numbers, pricing, and specifications. We'll do the rest. 


What does Lutello mean?

Lutello is the Finnish Translation of the word "Catalog"

Our goal is to bring the industrial catalog into the 21st Century by providing a seamless B2B marketplace for everything you need

How does it work? 

Sally's Supplies loads their catalog onto Lutello's marketplace because they want a quick way to reach new customers.

Dave's Machine Shop is looking for Spare Parts on a 5 axis lathe, plus some drill bits. He sees that Sally's provides both and places an order. Sally's provides updated order info through the platform.

It's that simple! 

How much does it cost? 

FREE: Sellers can list items for free (with a % referral fee) and Buyers can shop for free. Just pay for the items and shipping.

PREMIUM: We're working on our premium package with a monthly access fee, lower commissions for sellers, more resources for buyers, and much more! What would you like to see in a premium service? 

What are your COMMISSIONS or referral fees? 

We view our Sellers as partners, working in collaboration on the best terms to ensure that you can run a profitable business. 

We're working out the exact numbers, but the initial charge will be 10% with the goal of reducing that over time. We're open to any feedback you have.

How often do sellers get paid? 

We're working out the full details, but it will be somewhere in the realm of once a month.

how can I help? 

First off, thank you! We're excited to be on this journey with you. We would love for you to Sign up above! And then consider taking our survey about the parts you buy. We want to build the marketplace based around YOU. 

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